WHALE Members Singapore exhibition

WHALE Members

WHALE Members stands as an all-encompassing membership club dedicated to embracing the digital renaissance of art. For over two years now, the studio has collaborated with WHALE, supporting their visual communications in every possible way. Our involvement spans from crafting compelling key visuals for social media to designing intricate POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols).

At its core, WHALE serves as a hub for creatives, offering a diverse range of shows, interviews, and segments that provide emerging artists with a powerful platform to discuss their work. Rooted firmly in the Web3 world, WHALE fosters a genuine appreciation for art, prioritising substance over the fleeting allure of exorbitant chimp pictures that fetch eye-watering sums.

Within the expansive WHALE ecosystem lies a community-owned vault housing an extraordinary collection of over 400,000 NFTs. With a peak valuation of $150 million USD, this treasure trove represents an unparalleled assembly of artistic expression. The collection boasts revered names like Brendan Dawes, XCOPY, and Pak.

As the grip of the global pandemic subsided, WHALE seized the opportunity to unveil its awe-inspiring collections to the public. In the last year, we had the privilege of accompanying and working with WHALE in Singapore, Jakarta, LA and Lisbon, actively participating in curating some of the most prestigious NFT exhibitions on the planet.

Whale Members logo
Whale Members logo

In addition to our role in designing the logo-type for WHALE, we have been extensively involved in various aspects of event planning and organisation, ensuring seamless and captivating experiences. It's worth noting that WHALE's iconic circular emblem was masterfully crafted by the esteemed Murat Pak, an enigmatic and highly successful artist within the space.

As WHALE continues to flourish and chart new frontiers, we remain deeply committed to fuelling their vision and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the digital art renaissance.

TOKEN 2049 Singapore

TOKEN 2049, renowned as the grandest crypto conference worldwide, played host to an extraordinary collaboration with WHALE. During the event held in Singapore last year, in September, WHALE proudly assumed the role of the event's primary sponsor. Their name and logo graced every attendee's lanyard, occupying the most prominent space within the entire venue. To further solidify their presence, WHALE secured speaking slots on the prestigious Main Stage.

Whale Members event booth
WHALE @ token2049 Singapore
Teriyaki Boyz on stage
WHALE @ token2049 Singapore (Teriyaki Boyz)
Members lounge, featuring PAK artwork)
WHALE @ token2049 Singapore (members lounge, featuring PAK artwork)
WHALE talking at token2049 Singapore
WHALE talking at token2049 Singapore

ItemKu Jakarta

The bustling city of Jakarta played host to the esteemed "ItemKu" Game-con, an expansive gaming convention of significant magnitude in Indonesia. In collaboration with Bukalapak, the country's foremost marketplace for gaming assets, WHALE took centre stage by curating a gallery space within the convention grounds. This exclusive exhibition showcased the awe-inspiring works of the renowned artist XCOPY, with each piece bearing a remarkable value ranging from 4 to 8 million dollars. The opportunity to present WHALE's esteemed collection in such a unique setting was met with great enthusiasm.

WHALE Exhibiting Xcopy in Jakarta
WHALE Exhibiting Xcopy in Jakarta
WHALE showing XCOPY pieces @ Itemku - Jakarta - 2022

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