The Photo Plate Project

The Photo Plate Project

In 2022, the studio embarked on an intriguing self-directed endeavour known as the PPP. This photography project centres around a remarkable archive comprising approximately 10,000 antique photographic plates. Accumulated since the 1970s, this extensive collection has patiently awaited the perfect opportunity to showcase its historic treasures.

Collaborating closely with our esteemed friends at NFT Studios in Portugal, we have set out to mint the collection and unveil carefully curated drops from the archive to an enthusiastic global audience. By leveraging our connections within the art world, we aim to exhibit and share these captivating pieces, ensuring their appreciation reaches far and wide.

In addition to the digital releases, we have exciting plans to compile each curated drop into a book, capturing the essence and significance of these remarkable photographic plates. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we delve deeper into this project throughout the year, aiming to launch in 2024.

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