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SIEGE Magazine

Founder of the studio, George, solely created SIEGE magazine while he was still studying, in his downtime between projects. Over the Christmas break in 2017, he amassed over 100 artists from all over the world to feature in the first issue of SIEGE: Compendium One.

In an effort to break the norm, SIEGE is for the people. Any featured artist has the opportunity to recommend a like-minded creative to be featured in the same issue. This way, SIEGE denies the pompous exclusivity that pervades the art world.

With no genre of art left untouched, from 3D renderings to textiles and everything in between, the first issue was very well received. It was stocked up and down the UK, and this first compendium went on to be short-listed for an award from Stack magazines in 2018.

To launch the magazine, there was an exhibition in Manchester's Northern Quarter, followed by an after-party held at Eastern Bloc records. The after-party also featured local artists like techno phenomenon YANT, and, in keeping with the essence of the magazine, recommended a DJ to play B2B with.

Siege magazine cover
SIEGE Magazine: Compendium one
Siege magazine exhibition crowd
SIEGE Magazine: Compendium one - Launch party
Hands holding Siege magazine
SIEGE Magazine: Compendium one

Siege Magazine: Inside Intel

This was the second magazine in the trilogy created by SIEGE. Inside Intel aimed to be smaller, more compact, and concise. To introduce a twist, the theme shifted from individual artists to groups of artists who knew each other.

To kick things off, we gathered five artists from Manchester. They embarked on a residency together in the scenic Lake District, resulting in captivating tales and stories from these individuals. On the other side of the magazine (a flip-flop design with two front covers), we featured five artists from different parts of the world. From Amsterdam to South America and California, SIEGE truly showcased its extensive international connections. A particular favorite from this global collective was the world-renowned MoMA exhibiting artist, Terry Hoff.

SIEGE: Inside Intel received a warm international reception. It was stocked throughout the UK and even reached further afield in New York, as well as multiple locations across the EU, from Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Siege Magazine: Inside Intel - Two front covers
Siege Magazine: Inside Intel - Two front covers
Siege Magazine: Inside Intel - Inner
Siege Magazine: Inside Intel - Inner

Siege Magazine: Spliege

The final and, subsequently, most popular issue of SIEGE magazine was Spliege. Crafted within a three-week window just before the summer of 2019, Spliege served as the third and concluding instalment of the series. It defied all the rules established by its predecessors, featuring a blend of recommended artists and those who were long overdue for recognition. Among the artists we proudly showcased were Omid Asadi and Ian Anderson of the Designers Republic.

To launch this rule-breaking magazine, George devised a clever ruse, simulating a "hack" of the SIEGE social media accounts. Glitched and misspelled posts were deliberately deployed to stir up a bit of a fluster. These supposed "hackers" delved into the SIEGE archive and brought forth this magazine. As a reflection of the unconventional nature, the design was intentionally messy, slapdash, and disruptive.

Columns refused to align, text overlapped, and images took on daring angles. It all culminated in a captivating jumble of content, brimming with a multitude of artists. Spliege found its way to be stocked across the globe, and remarkably, it clinched the award it had been short-listed for the previous year.

Siege Magazine: Spliege Cover
Siege Magazine: Spliege DR.ME
Siege Magazine: Spliege Anil Rinat

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