Combined images of Myles Records gig shots

Myles Records

Myles Records, based in Blackburn, the vibrant mill town in the North West of England, is a dynamic record label and event host. Led by Miranda Myles, they are known for their inclusive gatherings that bring together creatives from the local area and beyond, offering a platform for musicians to showcase their talents.

In 2021, the studio had opportunity to collaborate with Myles Records on their branding. Capturing the essence of their energetic and community-driven approach, the studio developed a brand identity that reflected the spirit of their events.

Myles Records The Launch poster portrait
Myles Records The Launch poster horizontal
Myles Records - The Launch - 2022
Myles Records Lift Off poster portrait
Myles Records Lift Off poster horizontal

Alongside the branding, the studio continued to create a series of event posters and flyers. Each design aimed to capture the unique atmosphere and diverse music genres that Myles Records celebrates.

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