Cortex 3D graphic


Cortex, a dynamic creative studio based in London with a keen focus on production, has been an invaluable client with whom we've collaborated closely on a diverse range of projects. With an impressive client roster including Arc'Teryx, Stone Island, Sony Music, and Complex, we take great pleasure in assisting Cortex in refining their designs, catering to their specific needs, whether it be crafting compelling proposal decks or captivating social media posts.

Our collaboration extended beyond project-based work, as we played a pivotal role in Cortex's rebranding efforts in 2021, alongside the talented designer Pana Roux. One of the highlights of this endeavour was the creation of their striking 3D logo, prominently featured on their homepage. As trusted consultants throughout the rebranding process, we lent our expertise to ensure a seamless and impactful transition.

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