Alistair Woods exhibition

Alistair Woods

Alistair Woods is a Manchester-based artist renowned for his captivating abstract paintings. With exhibitions spanning the UK and as a co-founder of Depot Art Studios, Alistair seamlessly blends elements from everyday life and social observations using both traditional and unconventional materials.

As a trusted friend of the studio, we are honoured when Alistair chooses us to design posters and create branding for his highly acclaimed exhibitions. Collaborating closely with his distinctive artistic vision, we strive to develop designs that authentically reflect his work and seamlessly complement the atmosphere of his shows.

Alistair Woods Doves&Crossbones Poster
Alistair Woods Doves&Crossbones Banner
Doves & Crossbones, Gloam Gallery (Sheffield), 2022
Alistair Woods NHS Poster
Alistair Woods NHS Banner
NHS, a Division of Labour show at Paradise Works, (Salford), 2021
Alistair Woods Beyond the Parameters of Officialdom Poster
Alistair Woods Beyond the Parameters of Officialdom Banner
Beyond the Parameters of Officialdom, Bankley Gallery (Manchester), 2021

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